Insurance Roundtable of Baltimore Awards Scholarship

The Insurance Roundtable of Baltimore in conjunction with the Maryland Chapter of CPCU awarded a $2,000 scholarship to Alexis Samuels, an Actuarial Sciences major at Morgan State University.   Ms. Samuels, center, is seen here accepting the sholarship from Roundtable members Eric Dana, second from left, and Anita Lewis,    
                                                                             second from right.  Mr. Dana and Ms. Lewis are also members of the Maryland Chapter of CPCU.


In addition, Michael Bender, first on left, and Deborah Wagner, first on right, were in atendance from the Maryland Chapter of CPCU. 


the Insurance Roundtable contribution to the scholarship was made possible from funds raised through the annual Addison F. Fowler seminar held each year by the Roundtable.